Samantha private page

If you do not read this page and you take infos from different directories where I have not even added myself (some of them I did not add myself, they are robots listing from google) means you are uneducated and your english sucks that bad, your patience is zero and your respect for other humans is equal to own selfrespect (almost null) ! I do not like to teach you how to speak, how to contact me, that you are 1000 that send SMS every day and I do not answer since I do not spend my money on phone credits, also I am not tied to handy 24 hours/day, neither to computer and my schedule is not 8am-5pm but 20pm-5am, since this job is not the same with your firma, or are you used to mistake escorts with your collegues or employees?

And I repeat: this is my only page, here you can find updated details! please keep only this page in mind